The Art Department at West Virginia Wesleyan is pleased to offer scholarship awards from $500 and up per year. These competitive, portfolio-based awards are renewable for up to four years. Scholarship students must major in art and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 at Wesleyan. For more information and an application, please visit this link.


Our studios include printmaking, drawing, 3D design, a computer lab, a lighting lab, and competitive senior student studio spaces. The library has a variety of equipment including DSLR cameras, tripods, and audio recorders for check-out. A variety of printers are available for various graphic design and digital photography classes. Our small class sizes guarantee that you won’t be competing with hundreds of other students for the technology you need.

There are two pieces of equipment used in every art course that all art majors must purchase: a DSLR camera that is capable of shooting HD video and a laptop running Adobe Creative Suite. Please view our complete department policies for further details on these equipment requirements and studio use.


There are many venues on campus where student art is exhibited. Learn more about exhibiting your work on campus. Remember, there are always risks displaying work in unsupervised spaces. The college is not responsible for work lost through damage or theft. Possible exhibition spaces include:

The Sleeth Gallery
The Sleeth Gallery is located on the first floor of McCuskey Hall, and serves as a space in which students can interact with practicing artists and contemporary art, including video, internet art and performance, along with traditional practices such as printmaking and drawing. This space is available by application to graduating seniors.

The Corner Gallery
The Corner Gallery is a brand new gallery space located in the art department and is a small space perfect for exploring visual ideas and concepts. The gallery is maintained by the department and managed by the Sleeth Gallery intern. Interested students must communicate with the Sleeth Gallery Intern to reserve the space.

The Student Art League Gallery
The Student Art League Gallery is located in the basement of Wesley Chapel, and acts as an experimental gallery for classes working in a variety of media. To reserve this space, you must communication with the Student Art League.

The Library
On the first floor on either side of the mural near the rear of the building there are spaces for student work. Also there are student panel murals hung on the second floor.

Residential Life
Contact residential life to inquire about available mural spaces.


Each year semester, we invite an artist to spend a week on campus installing work in the Sleeth Gallery.  During this time, students have an opportunity to assist the artist and create professional connections. Students also have an opportunity to receive valuable feedback by participating in one-on-one studio visits with the visiting artists.


  • Sleeth Gallery Internship: As intern, you will learn to install and deinstall a variety of art works. This position has a competitive application process each semester – contact the Sleeth Gallery Director at for more information.
  • Sleeth Gallery Work Study: If you have Work Study, sign up at the start of the school year by contacting the Sleeth Gallery Director at
  • Life Models: A call is put out for models late during fall semester; see full model guidelines