Art & Design Scholarships

The Art Department at West Virginia Wesleyan is pleased to offer Art & Design majors scholarship awards from $500 (and up) per year. These competitive, portfolio-based awards are renewable for up to four years. Scholarship students must major in art and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 at Wesleyan.

Scholarship Application Process

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission at WVWC. This application includes transcripts and SAT and/or ACT scores and full details can be found online at this link:
  2. Schedule an Art & Design Portfolio Review
  3. Submit a portfolio of your best work. Portfolios can include traditional and digital work, and even if you are going to study Graphic Design, you can still submit your fine art works. Portfolio suggestions can be found below.

Award Announcement

Student portfolios are submitted to the faculty of the Art & Design Department, either in person during one of our Admission event days or digitally (if travel is not possible). The faculty then review the portfolios and submit recommended scholarship amounts to Admissions who will then work with Financial Aid to add funding to the student’s academic funding package.

Building Your Portfolio

Select the best work possible. Include work that shows abilities in the areas listed below. Fewer, stronger works are preferred (six to eight should be sufficient).

  • Drawing: Evidence of basic drawing skills, accuracy, versatility.
  • Design: Evidence of understanding of the elements and principles of design and composition ability in work presented.
  • Color Usage: Portfolio includes examples of color work in any medium.
  • Creativity: Student demonstrates creative approach to work, classroom assigned project, problem solving using special approaches, medium, unusual solutions, etc.
  • Uniqueness: Consideration given to unusual works, circumstances, etc.
  • Presentation: Spray fixative on delicate art done in charcoal, pastel, etc. Remove all drawing smudges before applying fixative. Do not ship glass-framed work.
  • Three-Dimensional Work: Because three-dimensional work is difficult to mail, it is preferred that digital images of these works be submitted. Please feel free to bring 3D works to your on-campus visit and portfolio review. Label all work on the back or in a presentation with name, medium, and title.

Please download and view our tips sheet for digitally documenting your work: (PDF, 287kb)

Submitting a Digital Portfolio

If you cannot make it to campus to visit with the Art & Design faculty, you are encouraged to submit a digital portfolio of your work.

Start by completing the online application, then upload digital photographs of your work to a Dropbox folder. The process for creating, uploading and sharing your portfolio can be found here: