Ritchey Invited to Return for 2nd Summer

Rachel Ritchey

Rachel Ritchey is a senior graphic design major and marketing minor. She has been invited to return to the marketing company she interned with last summer, Think Inc. Communications, located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. She says she is excited to soak up as much experience as she can get there. Think Inc. Communications provides a variety of services related to marketing, public relations, and branding.

The company contacted Ritchey around Christmas time and said they had been really busy and anticipated they would need some extra help. Her name was one of the ones brought up when thinking about who they knew and could bring on. They wanted someone reliable, who fits well with the team. Clearly, that’s the impression Ritchey left with them when she interned last summer.

Ritchey did her credited internship during her freshman year with a different business, which led to getting her foot in the door at Think Inc. during summer 2014 as an unpaid intern. Her experience is a great example of students using the connections at their internship to create further opportunities.

Ritchey will begin working with the creative team this summer, and hopes to continue part time work as an off-location designer in the fall. Ritchey will be returning to WVWC next fall to complete a communication minor. She is captain of the Women’s Soccer team at Wesleyan and will continue playing soccer for one more season due to another year of eligibility. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, Ritchey sees herself pursuing a career in that area after graduation. In the meantime she will continue to freelance and build her portfolio.