Programs of Study


Graphic Design

WVWC’s B.F.A. in Graphic Design builds students’ technical and conceptual skills across a variety of media, from┬átraditional processes such as printmaking and drawing to advanced topics in web, motion graphics and brand / identity design. Students will gain valuable, professional knowledge which will make them competitive in the field upon graduation.


Graphic Design

The B.A. concentration in Graphic Design allows students to explore more topics outside of art, while still practicing valuable skills in print-based design processes.

Drawing and Printmaking

Drawing and Printmaking focuses on both traditional and contemporary practices. We will explore a wide range of media, while supporting the development of the student’s artistic voice. As students progress through the program, we will work to develop that vision through specific bodies of work.


Intermedia is all about art that straddles boundaries and technologies. Intermedia includes video art, installation art, performance art, small electronics, and internet art, in addition to a many other constantly changing approaches. Past courses have included:

  • The Internet & Art
  • Food & Art
  • Memories & Microcontrollers
  • Natural vs. Unnatural
  • Performance Art & Gender
  • Sound Art
  • Installation Art & Utopias


Pre-Art Therapy

Pre-Art Therapy combines the knowledge and expressive use of art media with a firm foundation in psychology. This program is designed to prepare students for entrance into a graduate art therapy program. Completion of such a program plus one year’s working experience is required in order to be certified by the American Art Therapy Association.

Arts Administration (Art Track)

The Arts Administration degree is designed to prepare students for graduate study, careers in museum, gallery, theatre administration work and business in the arts. The curriculum emphasizes business and communication as well as the arts.


To complete an art minor, students will need to complete ART123 – Design Fundamentals along with 12 semester hours of art electives.