Fall Field Trips

This semester, the Art & Design Department has a variety of field trips scheduled for students studying art and design.


Professor Bobby Howsare led Printmaking II on a trip to Pittsburgh to visit the Warhol Museum, Tiptype and Lovett Sundries.Tiptype

Lovett Sundries

Warhol Museum


Professor Beth Koch led Typography I students to a presentation by world-renowned designer Chip Kidd at Marshall University. The group had a chance to meet with Chip after the event and even got a call out during his presentation.

Chip Kidd Presentation

Professor Koch will be leading the group to a second presentation in October by Mirco Ilić.


Plans have been made by Professor Howsare for a four-day trip to Philadelphia to visit museums, galleries, designers and print shops. More information will be posted as the trip nears.

If you’re interested in helping support field trips to cities around the region, please contact us at art@wvwc.edu for details.