Department Policies



The Art Department provides a great deal of equipment in our studios (printing presses, scanners, photo backdrops, tripods and more). There are two pieces of equipment that all art majors must purchase: a DSLR camera that is capable of shooting HD video and a laptop running Adobe Creative Cloud Complete.

Art majors will use this DSLR camera in all their classes. We recommend a Canon T3i or T4i. For a good deal, we recommend searching for a refurbished camera (used), which are often significantly less expensive than brand new ones. There are a few cameras available for check out from the library, however all non-majors taking art classes utilize these cameras, and availability cannot be guaranteed.

WVWC requires all students to purchase a laptop. We are flexible in regard to Mac or PC as long as it meets these guidelines. A 15″ screen works well, although some students prefer larger. In order to run the software required in our classes (Adobe Creative Cloud Complete), you will need to ensure your machine follows these guidelines set forth by Adobe.


The WVWC Art Department facilities are available for use by Art Majors and students who are currently enrolled in an art class associated with a particular studio (for example, if you are a non-major enrolled in Digital Photography, that does not entitle you to use of the Printmaking studio). Students are only to use the studios and equipment for which they have been trained. Individual studios will have specific limitations as indicated by professors. Look for signage indicating limitations. This policy exists for reasons of safety, liability, and budgeting as well as space limitations. By definition, the facility includes studios, shops, offices, galleries, tools, equipment and supplies. College holiday schedules apply.


Some studios will include individualized storage spaces for students and will be assigned at the start of the semester. Storage of supplies or artworks must be confined to these assigned spaces for reasons of safety, fire code, and housekeeping. No hallway or stairwell storage is allowed. Students are required to remove their supplies and artwork from the studio once the semester is over. The Art Department is not responsible for belongings left behind by students.


The Art Department strongly encourages student attendance at gallery receptions and visiting artist talks.


Many art courses will have a course fee to cover the cost of materials or technology specific to that course. For safety and environmental reasons, outside materials cannot be brought into the studios without permission from the professor. If permission is given for outside materials, their cost will be the student’s responsibility.


Please reference our full guidelines for life drawing, which outline the responsibilities of the models, students, and session supervisors.